Our Board

Joshua School Arusha is a part of the education department of The Joshua Foundation (TJF), a Tanzania-based charitable organisation.  The school is governed by the TJF board.


Alan Stephenson – D.Th.
Chairman of the Board

Co-founder of The Joshua Foundation, Alan has a doctorate in Theology and has done leadership training in Tanzania for 25 years, developing an African appropriate degree level curriculum. Alan was born in Tanzania, raised in New Zealand and has lived and worked in Tanzania since 1988.


Lynda Stephenson - BA, Dip Tch
Board Treasurer

Co-founder of The Joshua Foundation, Lynda is the current director of the organisation and also directs the education department, which includes a teachers training college, 2 preschools, 2 primary schools and 1 secondary school.  Lynda is also the Chairperson of the Tanzania Christian School Association (member of Association of Christian Schools International)


Godwin Mosha- PhdEd, Dip tch, Bsc, BEd
Board Secretary

Godwin is a Tanzanian who has worked in the education sector in Tanzania most of his life, rising to be Chairman of the Board of Headmasters in the Nyerere administration.  With his wife he currently directs 3 Christian schools in different regions of Tanzania.


Richard Wagener – BCom
Board member

Richard has just completed a long-service term with The Joshua Foundation in Tanzania. He established East Africa Development as a business to support mission activity as well as setting up and overseeing 2 community banks. Richard currently directs EAD from New Zealand where he lives with his wife and 4 children.


Terry Calkin- ACA, CMA
Board member

Terry is the founding pastor of Greenlane Christian Centre in Auckland New Zealand.  He has a history of involvement with missions in a number of nations, including Tanzania where he has made regular input to leadership training through The Joshua Foundation.


Ada Mosha- BA, Dip Tch
Honorary Board member

Ada is Godwin’s wife. She is a Tanzanian who has worked as a teacher since 1971. With her husband they have established 3 Christ-centered boarding schools in Tanzania, and Ada is currently the overall principal of them all.

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