Joshua Teachers Training College

Joshua School Arusha is a model school that is linked to the Joshua Teachers Training College (JTTC). Student teachers from JTTC are trained through an apprentice/mentor training model where they learn from experts. Learning is more than 50% hands on in Joshua School Arusha through teaching practice and observations. Student teachers spend time in different classes throughout the year. This style of training is proving to be an effective tool for challenging traditional approaches to education.

Teachers are trained to:

  • Value children and approach their practice with a holistic view of the child
  • Have a student centred teaching approach
  • Be role models for the children
  • Use a values based curriculum with proven teaching methodologies
  • Use assessment to promote student learning
  • Teach children how to think
  • Use appropriate  behaviour management strategies
  • Use limited resources effectively
  • Engage parents and communities
  • Serve communities
Joanna Wamala MEd, BA, BCom, Dip Tchg (Sec)Role: Principal of the Joshua Teachers Training College
From: Auckland, New Zealand
About Joanna: From a background in secondary school teaching in NZ, Joanna has been working with the teachers college since 2003. Joanna believes that quality teacher training is one of the most effective ways of helping schools to cater for their students’ learning needs and bring change in communities. Joanna is married to Simon, a Ugandan, and has another fulltime job in the home, their young son Josiah.

Corinne Balala BTchg/BARole: Supervising Mentor at Joshua Teachers Training College
From: Sydney, Australia
About Corinne: Corinne’s background is teaching primary school in Australia. Now she trains the student teachers at JTTC and loves seeing the transformation of their thinking take place. Corinne has been working for 3.5 years at JTTC. Corinne is married to Godfrey, a Tanzanian, and is living in the village among the school community.

Carly GreeningRole: Early childhood teacher supervisor
From: Maitland, New South Wales, Australia
About Carly: Carly has been teaching since 2003, in Australia and in Tanzania. She is passionate about early childhood education and the role it can play in our community. In 2013, Carly taught preschool at Joshua School Arusha and was training and mentoring teachers at JSA. Carly feels called to serve the people of Tanzania and is passionate about seeing JSA teachers grow and reach their capacity.

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