Books, books, books!

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NBS Charities are partnering with Rata NZ and the Joshua Foundation to build two primary school libraries in Tanzania. Two garages of quality children’s books have been collected and are ready to send to Joshua School Arusha and Joshua School Magugu.

So why are books so important for our students here at JSA?

“Our culture doesn’t encourage reading so if we have books we can change this; if you don’t have books, how do you read?  If our children have books then they can read for leisure, and be excited and feel happy from the stories they read’”  – Jonah, Assistant Principal

“They need books to get knowledge, they can get to know new ideas that they never knew before” - Frank, classroom teacher

“from books students develop the skills of reading but they also get to know and learn about colour, pictures and many things which assists in their learning” - Hamisi, classroom teacher

If you would like to join with NBS to to provide 579 children with access to a huge range of books, you can donate here:

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