JSA is world famous!


At sports day earlier this term Joshua kids sang “E Te Ariki” which was videoed and posted on Facebook. A few shares later and this video had over 150,000 views! It was even mentioned on One News! Many New Zealanders were incredibly touched to hear Tanzanian Children embracing Te Reo Maori through waiata. The children were amazed when they heard that they were famous in New Zealand. Watch the video here.

Making learning fun

Last term we shared about our mentoring and modelling programme. This term we have had more visiting teachers come in to learn from our teachers. Many schools in Tanzania have very limited resources so in order to be an effective model school our teaching methods should be able to be replicated. Therefore, this term our focus in Professional Development has been using learning games and activities that use little to no resources. Many visiting teachers have been inspired by what they have seen and on a recent visit to a school we work closely with Karance we saw these activities being used by the teachers.

Below: Teacher Joseph uses string, rocks, water and plastic bottles to teach a science lesson about space and matter. All easy materials to find anywhere!

Building Update

We have just finished our third block of classrooms. Next term, Class One will join class 2-7 on the other side of the river. We have also started a new rainwater harvesting tank to catch water off the new classroom block: we are always looking for ways to become more self-sustaining.

On our last day of term all the teachers pulled together to move our school library into the new block. We plan to have seating areas and library monitors to ensure we are getting full use out of our library. Ephraim and the team will also be very busy over the school break working on more teacher housing.

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