KingsWay visits JSA


Recently we were blessed to have a team of 24 volunteers from KingsWay School in New Zealand. The 16 high school students and their eight chaperones engaged our students both in and out of the classroom. The volunteers came bearing many different resources for our school, such as teaching materials and visual aids, which they graciously left for us upon returning home. When they weren’t busy teaching our students maths, English, and so much more, the KingsWay volunteers were out on the field leading games and playing with the children. All of this, of course, after a glorious morning of discipleship and singing to the Lord.

The team of volunteers came prepared to teach the children all about New Zealand culture, and shared their national anthem and traditional songs and dances. The children returned the favour, sharing Tanzanian customs and songs with their new friends.

In addition to the wonderful gifts they brought to our classrooms, the KingsWay team brought along with them a builder, Murray, who helped design roof trusses for our new administration here in Arusha. It was wonderful to see the many different skills that the team brought along with them, and how each of them met a need we have here at Joshua School Arusha.

When the week ended and it was time to say goodbye, tears were shed all around. Though they were only with us for a short while, the friendships formed through Christ were strong, and many of the volunteers were already talking about when they could return to Tanzania. This is the third time that a a team from KingsWay has visited JSA and we are hoping they’ll be back again in another two years, ’karibuni sana!’ (welcome again!)

Check out photos of KingsWay’s visit here.

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