Building Project – Phase Two

Building Project Phase Two

Thanks to some very generous donations we were able to almost complete phase one of our building project for our new school. We have one classroom block and a toilet block in full-time use. Everyone is very happy with their new accommodation!

Now we have started on phase two. At this point in time that means we are working on the new administration block. Walls are going up as I type. We were able to make large numbers of rammed earth bricks from the soil we dug out of our underground water storage tank. Enough to complete not only our administration block, but another classroom block as well.

We are hoping to build our next classroom block by the end of this year. If you would like to be a part of this exciting community project we would love to partner with you. Our objective is to complete a preschool and primary school that can cater for 600 students, as well as be a pre-service training centre for students from our Joshua Teachers Training College, and an inservice training centre for the many teachers who are asking to be upskilled.

To view photos of this current phase of development, follow this link to our gallery

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