Sports Day Fun!

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Near the end of term two we held our annual sports day, always a much enjoyed event in the life of our school! Each year we have a better turn-out of parents, and this year was no exception. A sports day here bears little resemblance to a sports day in the western world, more like a games day. A carnival atmosphere prevails as kids and their parents and older siblings all join in on a variety of games and activities that are well organised by our school staff. But the last 2 events of the day always generate the most laughter, comeraderie and African unbridled celebration! The tug-of-war and the soccer match!

The tug-of-war is done in age groups, starting with the littlies and ending with the teachers and parents.  Its always so much fun to watch adults and kids alike running, yelling, dancing and laughing in delight as they celebrate with the winning team!! This year the adults competed ladies against men, combined teachers and parents. When the ladies pulled the men over the line the noise was pure Africa!!! Then the climax of the day, the soccer match between teachers and parents. It was a close call this time, but the parents just managed to score a goal before the whistle went. Our rather unique home-made cup was passed from teachers (last year’s winners) to parents and photos duly taken. Perhaps in the future our ‘sports’ day will take on more resemblance to the name, but in the meantime the relationships being built with our parent body and community are more than worth this special day in our calendar.

See more photos of Sports Day.

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