Term 2 news

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Hey everyone! We are now into Term 2 of 2015, isn’t the year just flying past? For us, Term 2 is the rainy, muddy and green term and the kids are enjoying having grass to play on!

We have started building our next classroom block which is very exciting; at the moment it’s just the concrete pad but bricks are being made and we’ll see much more progress in the next few weeks (more on that in the next newsletter).

Here’s a couple things that have been happening in our school so far this term.

We are so happy to have Safina Hassan join us here at JSA this term. Safina actually studied at Joshua Teachers Training College from 2010-2012 so she is definitely not a stranger! Safina grew up in a Muslim family but her mother converted to Christianity when Safina was in Form 4. She said she didn’t know if Christianity was a good religion for her family but when she came to study at Joshua her life changed from there. She heard God speak to her personally and was filled with the Holy Spirit. She loved the preaching, and she gained confidence in knowing God.

After finishing her teaching certificate, Safina taught at Joshua Primary School in Magugu for 3 years until earlier this month when she moved to Arusha. Safina is enjoying the different environment at JSA and meeting new kids who have a great way of thinking. She is also loving working with some of her JTTC classmates again and learning from them, as well as from the professional development programme.

Safina will be busy in the next couple of terms getting Class 4 ready for their national exams and also preparing for her wedding to former JTTC pupil, Haruni. Welcome back Safina and all the best!

IMG_1022 - Version 2

When Jan Kell arrived here in Arusha she didn’t think she’d be using her Toastmaster skills from 10 years ago, but we have found a use for them here at JSA!. This term, Jan is teaching Class 3-6 how to give oral reports in front of their class so they can grow in their public speaking skills and confidence. At the moment the kids are giving reports on family, school, what they want to do in life, culture, and their teachers.

Every lesson they play a game of some sort which gives them confidence and strengthens their English. They have also been learning what makes a good speech: eye contact, voice volume, confidence, props, speaking clearly, grammar etc.
“I enjoy getting to know the kids and being part of school life, that’s the best bit and I am looking forward to seeing them grow in this area.”



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